🔥 HeatTweets

The first public dataset of fires incidents in NYC, scraped, geocoded, and visualized.

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🖌️ Inktobot

An automated Inktober artist that draws icons from the Noun Project API in an ink aesthetic.

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🚦 Curbside Chaos

Visualized geocoded parking violation data, completed for the BetaNYC #Mobility4All Hackathon

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🎭 Theater DesignerBase

A public database of student designers for community theater productions at Wesleyan University

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🏛️ Carceral Contagion

A epidemiological simulation of mass incarceration with a synthetic population network.

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🌐 Magicbox Routing API

Utilities for UNICEF Magicbox developers to perform geospatial calculations on large datasets.

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💠 R.E.S.P.

App for first-responders to provide psychological first-aid. Winner of IBM Call for Code @ AngelHack 2019. Source